Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What To Do?

As I am sitting here thinking of what to write my mind is on two trains of thought... First of all, the links that Andrea sent were awesome ... However, I have to admit (and this is not easy as a mom) that I do not like to get messy and have a really difficult time watching Audrey get messy. I seriously can't be the only one. Am I??? It is one of the things I love about having her in daycare (and yes I also admit that as well) . She can get down and dirty at school, and I don't have to feel my anxiety level rise as I TRY (not always succeeding) not to get anxious about it. Needless to say we use lots of crayons at home and play more with toys than with crafts (for now). Oh yeah! and while I am on a role I can also admit I don't know the difference between Than/Then (in writing - so I apologize, in advance, for any incorrect usage)

So, the question becomes how does a mother who physically feels the symptoms of anxiety help her daughter to become creative and expressive???

My second train of thought is leading in the direction of time. I had an epiphany today. Everyone is always talking about portion control when it comes to food, but what about taking that same principal and applying it to your day. Can that even work? I am going to experiment and see. I am calling it Operation PC. Breaking up my day systematically in order to have enough time to do all the things I want for that day.. Each day... for one week?? Andrea - You interested??? I am even including doing nothing time... (the joy diet modified... to about 10 minutes or so.. depending on how the rest of my day is broken For experimental purposes I am going to start tomorrow 10/22/09.. Wish me luck!

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