Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's been too long ...

After seeing my amazing sister-in-law this past week (and then some), I was motivated to return to our joint blog, and change our background up a bit. Maybe we can start talking books here? That might be fun. Since we read a lot for the book clubs we belong to, and we sometimes read the same books, and sometimes not so much, but hey, why not, right? More to talk about ...

And another thing I wanted to make mention of, although I couldn't find the perfect travel background, is that I think Jenn and I need a travel bucket list. Or just a primary goal for us. We made a brief mention of Italy (she mentioned, and I said we should go for our 40th birthdays, sometime in between ...) and that inspired me a bit, as well.

I truly wish my little sister lived closer to me, or I lived closer to her, I guess ... but in the meantime there are ways to connect, and here's hoping we continue to do so, with all our plans ahead of us!

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