Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Girls

So I watched the girls today and wanted to post before I start watching the results show from tonight.

Here's my take (not to turn this into an AI blog, but hey -- my Sis and I like to talk about this and we've been so busy we haven't had the chance so at least she can read what I think about it!):

Mama Sox: LOVE her. L-O-V-E. Still reminds me of Donna from That 70s Show, she's adorable and I don't know what was wrong w. her but I am glad she's healthy.

Hayley: I think that poor Hayley may go home tonight. First of all, she started off by telling us that she makes her own headbands. I see an Etsy store in her future, which is great. Honest. I wish I were that crafty. However, it's enough. She needs to stop channeling Jasmine Trias as she (Hayley) is NOT from Hawaii (right?) and Jasmine didn't fare all to well herself. I did realize as she was singing tho, that I actually LIKE that Miley Cyrus song! So look at that! I may buy it on iTunes now. Hmmn, may even buy Mama Sox's song from last night, too.

Lacey: Short-haired girl. Kiss me. Beneath the milky twilight. Love the song. Thought she sang it well but I don't feel that she has an AI future. Plus, she wears a lot of blush. I think. She's not that rosey, is she? MAY go home. May be alright, though. She's fun and perky. Not that annoying, so she might be OK. Poor thing.

Didi: Ah, Didi. She's not doing so hot after last night, I'm sure. She reminds me of a cross between my cousin and a girl/mom I know down here in NC. Interesting combo. She can sing, I actually liked her attempt at Lean On Me, to some extent. But she tried SO hard to get the soul out of her that she drained herself dry. I am sure she broke down at the end of the night, behind-the-scenes and all. Sigh. Poor Didi.

Paige? Paris? What is her name? She sang Kelly Clarkson, and well, whattaya know? Kara WROTE that song w. Kelly. Go figure. I knew I saw her dancing while the performance was happening, but I was thinking, hmmn, she's getting into it, interesting. I have to admit, I'm not hating Kara's opinions quite as much as I tend to dislike Kara, herself. She's trying to be a cross between Paula and Kara-of-yesteryear. Interesting, no? I liked this P-girl. She DOES have a really good voice, but I agree that she's not as strong as she should be when performing.

Lily: Still liking Lily, but I hate that they taught her to STARE at the camera. (Eyeroll!) I have hated that behavior that's been pushed on the Idols since the days of Constantine. And it annoys the cr@p out of me. She's talented, though, so I hope she stays.

Katelyn (?): Ms. Epperly - or whatever her funky name is. I actually liked her performance, but her expressions were kind of off. I agreed w. Simon's concern about her being corny. **Go figure that I agree w. Simon, right?**

So, who am I missing?

Oh, Katie! Who I keep wanting to call Megan. I don't know why, but I just feel like that should be her name. She has a fantastic voice, and I LOVED that song. I think she did it really well, too. I do understand what everyone was saying about her, though, needing to be younger. But I wanted to smack Randy and tell him that there are hardly ANY under 20-yo singers out there these days that are good/great! Poor girl isn't going to say 'The Jonas Brothers,' right? And Hayley already sang Miley, so what's left?

OK, I think I have one more left. Who the heck is it? Oh, no, I have two more? Man. That's bad. Oh! The one who sang Creed!!! Arms Wide Open. The Alicia Keyes girl. She was good. I didn't jump outta my seat or anything, but I liked it, Dawg. She's pretty. She's got the potential to be powerful. I liked what she did. She made it her own. All that jazz.

Now who is the last person? I think I have to turn on the show to check ... Oh! I know! The last girl! I always forget about her but she ROCKED that note last night. Siobhan. She is quirky, interesting, odd, and sweet. Along with being cute and fun, and a bit of a powerhouse based on that one note. I hope she sticks around. I might find myself really liking her!

OK, now I'm off to watch the show. Have a great night, I'll try to come by tomorrow to discuss!

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