Monday, August 30, 2010

Homesick for my Lil Sistah

So Jenn and I have been talking on the phone a lot lately, and man, I miss having her around.

It's so not fair that she's one of the people in my world I can talk to about ANYTHING, and yet she's 500 miles away. She listens and just knows what I mean, and I like to think I offer the same to her.

I hope our girls will have that same closeness, even though they are growing up in different states, and experiencing so many different things.

I shouldn't worry at all, and I'm not, truly, as when you meet someone like my sister-in-law, who you mesh with in such a way, and you don't find one another in this lifetime until you're way past your most formative years, yet you still click in such a way ... it's truly the luck of the draw, I'd say.

And I'm pleased to be someone who is just that lucky.

I've a lot more to say but the child is whining up the wazoo due to waking up with a sore throat today. So she thinks screaming will help soothe that, I guess. Or not. Sigh.

Miss ya, Sis!

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