Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Totally missed posting last week, but I have a recap I can share from a message board I belong to.

So, SIS, here goes my recap for the guys last night:

Big Mike: He was better than before, and he IS good, but he's not taking it all the way. He's soulful, Reuben-ish, but the guitar will be his downfall.

Tondrick - Still not a fan, though he tried to pull the viewers in during his package about how sweet he is. He may go home.

John (that his name?) - who sang Gravity. Not that great. I think he has a good voice, but I TOTALLY get what everyone said about missing the connection. He's just unexpressive and it bothers me.

Lambert (not Adam's twin) guy -- I really enjoyed him this week. Thought he did pretty well and was happy for him. Also loved how Simon spoke to him. As always I love Simon. Go figure.

Hot-Bucky-Covington -- while I enjoyed his performance, he's no Bo Bice. Wink I did like it, but I kind of got what Kara and Simon said. I LOVED when Kara said what she did and Simon was like WHAT? In shock. Cougar's a fan, but I wasn't feelin' it. For some reason I was totally hating Kara as usual, but I really "jived" w. her comments last night (as I watched this AM!) and that scared me.

Baby Aaron (that's his name - isn't it?) - I thought he did really well! I thought Simon was a little hard on him, yes, the song was ANCIENT, but he was so much not-David-Archie-when he sang around the stage and walked and really belted it out for lil 16 yo him. Good stuff. He's safe.

Jermaine (name?) - - gonna head home, too. Unless one of the others beats him there. They give you advice and you don't take it? Buh-bye.

Tim Urban (aka Zac Efron/Jonas Brother #4) -- I was SO happy when Simon said what he did. I really REALLY enjoyed his performance. I thought he was relaxed, comfortable and really pretty good.

Lee -- Lee [LOVE the name!] may very well be my fave this season. The chunky David Cook. Wink He's great. Totally great voice. Needs to strengthen his stage presence, but great.

Is that 10? If not, I left out someone who will go home. Razz Shoot, that's only 9. WHo is the last guy? Shoot, I have to go look it up!

OK, I didn't have to look it up. Andy Garcia -- I have no idea if that's his first name. Robert-Downey-not-Gokey/Latin Pop Guy. Totally agree about the Straight Up performance being his best. It's all downhill from there. And how sad is that?

So, anyone watching? What are your thoughts so far this season? :)

And adding my "recap" from last week:

Although I didn't care about the results all that much, I agree that Joe was better than some of the others, but I knew he would go, and mostly because as I said last week about the Top 24 when I had to look up his name and his picture and said, WHO IS THAT GUY? Nobody knew who he was. They had him there as a token singer. Glad the crazy-haired guy is gone, too. Bathrobe? REALLY? Come on. Rolling Eyes Loved Simon's expression when he blamed them, too. Excellent.

I think the teenie-boppers out there voted for Tim "I'm not a Jonas Brother but I look a little like Zac Efron, and I'm not related to Keith" Urban. And the other guy, the one who wears the glasses. He's kind of teenie-ish.

Girls I was fine w. I liked Ashley when she was in the tryouts. She was good then. She also reminds me of a friend of mine, so I had hoped she'd be nice and sweet like her. Ah, well!

Oh, and I don't like Allison as much as I didn't like her when she was ON the show.

Anyone else think Kara's hubby reminded them a little of Simon?

Kara's cougar mode is too much, tho. When it comes to (Emily, I hope you like this one, too!) "I'm hotter than Bucky Covington and can kind of sing but nobody remembers that 'cause Kara made me take my shirt off in my first audition," it was a bit much already. Poor guy didn't get any real criticism. Rolling Eyes I don't even know his name. He's just called hot-Bucky by me and my SIL.

Kara's hubby didn't strike me as hot, mostly cause he reminded me of Simon, but not as hot as Simon, so can you tell I luv Simon? ... and til tomorrow!

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