Thursday, November 19, 2009

I have been thinking about the "stay-at-home" title and the "Am I giving my daughter enough" question. I preface all I am about to write with one fact, I am a out-of-house working mom. I make that a clear distinction. I don't believe in the two titles that have now become ground for war amongst some mothers. There is no such thing as stay-at-home and working mothers.. All mothers are WORKING mothers. The difference is where we choose to work. I choose to work out of the house and Andrea chooses to work in her house. One is not easier than the other (although I have had the opportunity on occasion to have to stay home with Audrey just the two of us - and I have to admit.. I would say dealing with 20 15-18 year-olds is a lot easier to handle then one 2 1/2 year old.)

I think, as an out-of-house working mother, that work-at-home moms put way too much burden on their shoulders, and really should be asking themselves "Am I giving myself enough" first. Most of my friends work outside the home as well so I don't have experience to go on here. I am just stating a view. I apologize to those who I offend and offer up all my admiration to those (Especially Andrea) who I see work really hard to wear their many hats of woman, mother, wife, daugheter, educator, friend, sister, secretary, psychologist, (Andrea is my personal one at, and put your dreams and desires on hold to make sure they raise another soul to believe they can do it all too.

In the end all that matters most to our children is that we take care of ourselves so we are around to enjoy many years of love and happiness with them.

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